Pittsfield High School Cross Country Running Course - 5K

  • Start in Baseball field behind school.  
  • Line up in the outfield facing the 3rd base line.
  • Head due North.
  • Follow Yellow arrows (or better yet, get a GPS, download the track from the file below and just follow it)
  • Finish in Center field just behind 2nd base.

DOWNLOADABLE GPS TRACK: PHSXC_Course.gpx  (right click on the file name and choose Save Target As and save it with .gpx as the extension on the file name).

You can then use a program like Easy GPS (free) (www.easygps.com) or Expert GPS (cost money but worth it) (www.expertgps.com) to work with the contents of this file. 

Steps are:

  1. Save this file (PHSXC_Course.gpx) to your harddrive with a .gpx extension.
  2. Start up Easy GPS (or Expert GPS)
  3. File -> Open PHSXC_Course.gpx
  4. In the drop down list, select "Tracks"
  5. Right click on the track and choose "Send Track to GPS"
  6. Then go for a run and just follow the track on your GPS Screen.
  7. Alternatively, if your GPS supports routes, you can Right click on the Track and select "Convert  to a Route"
  8. Then select "Routes" from the drop down
  9. Right click on the route and choose "Send Route to GPS"
  10. Then activate the route on your GPS and follow the arrow while you go for a run.