Kennedy Park - Lenox, MA

Warning: Horses are allowed. Always yield to horses! Always have your dog under control!

Kennedy Park is one of the best places to mountain bike and run in Berkshire County. Unlike most trails around here, these have not been destroyed by 4-wheelers (because they aren't allowed). Volunteers (mostly Art Stringer) do a great job maintaining the trails. The trails in the park are are pretty smooth and not very rocky; great for running, beginner mountain biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. There are several more challenging single track trails that are mostly outside the park on Berkshire Natural Resources and Lenox Watershed land.

There are a large number of trails and it can be confusing in there so take a map and consult it as you're going along or you might end up going around in circles as I've done on a couple occasions.

My favorite mountain bike loops are:

Parking Locations:

Before you start, stop in at the Arcadian Shop. They can give you more information. After your ride, you can have a coffee and a snack, surf the web and buy some gear! It's a great store.