Greylock Visitor's Center - Lanesboro, MA

The paved road up Mount Greylock is frequently the first place you can ski early in the year. The road is groomed by the snowmobile club and is usually good for skating. When it's solid ice everywhere else, this frequently still good skiing because the snowmobiles chew up the ice. Best time to go is in the morning. The road is heavily used by snowmobiles especially on weekends from late morning on.


The view at the summit is incredible on a nice day. It's 8 miles from the visitor's center to the summit. Bring a change of clothes for the trip back as it gets mighty cold going downhill for 8 miles. Well, it's actually not all downhill. There is a mile stretch of level between Ash Fort and Jones's Nose and a mile long climb from Jones's Nose to Rounds Rock.

If you don't want to go all the way up, Rounds Rock is about 3 miles (round trip 6 miles), Jones's Nose is just shy of 4 miles (round trip 8 miles) and Ash Fort is just shy of 5 miles (round trip 10 miles).