My Gravel Grinder Bikes

I've been very frustrated with the selection of bikes from all the manufacturers so I had to make my own. My criteria for a great gravel grinder bike is:

  • Disc Brakes
  • Auxilary Brake Levers
  • 1:1 or lower Gear Ratio for lowest gear
  • Clearance for 35c tires
  • Lightweight (maybe even carbon fiber)
  • Good looking. Why are everyone's bikes such ugly colors? Give me some bubble gum colors (reds, blues) please. :-)

The Giant Anyroad CoMax is the only bike that comes close. The Giant Anyroad 1 is actually very very close although a bit heavy (24 lbs supposedly) and pretty ugly.

So I built up my own. Here's what I did:

Many thanks to Berkshire Bike & Board for the work changing my Felt over and putting road bars back in my Cannondale and also the Arcadian Shop for my original conversion of the Cannondale.