Dublin Road, Richmond, MA

This run is mostly dirt roads and is hilly.


Park at the intersection of Dublin Road and Summit Road, just on the side of the road.

The route:

Miles Directions
0.0 Head South on Dublin Rd
0.5 Take a left on Sleepy Hollow Rd and go over the railroad tracks
0.6 Take an immediate right and continue heading South on Dublin Road.
2.5 Sometimes, if I just want to run 5 miles, I turn around here, but if you're feeling up to it, take a right onto Swamp Road. Swamp Road is paved and has a lot of traffic, so be careful on this short stretch.
2.8 Take a left onto Stevens Glen Road and climb a steep windy hill.
3.7 At a 4 way intersection, continue straight through, heading North on Lenox Road.
4.2 Turn right onto East Road and go up a steep windy hill. There's a beautiful view just ahead. Continue on East Road past Reservoir Road all the way to Sleepy Hollow Road.
6.0 Turn left onto Sleepy Hollow Road
6.3 Cross Swamp Road and continue straight on Sleepy Hollow Road.
6.6 Continue straight on Sleepy Hollow Road.
7.1 Go over the railroad bridge and turn right onto Dublin Road
7.7 Finish!