Bowers Rd/Ingraham Rd Loop

This loop begins at the last house at the end of North Main Street in Lanesboro. There is a sign on a tree labelled "Friends". Try to find somewhere to park, it's tight there, especially in the winter.

The route:

Miles Directions
0.0 Last house on North Main Street in Lanesboro. Head North on North Main St.
0.13 Take a left on a the first trail you come to (on the left).
0.56 Take a right on Ingraham Rd. and go downhill and continue North.
1.80 Just before you reach a house on the right-hand-side of Ingraham Rd, there is a field that has a snowmobile trail going along the top right side of the field. Take a right into this field and take this trail over to Greylock Road
2.32 Take a right on Greylock Road and start heading uphill.
3.7 Take a right on Bowers Road and follow it South back to your car.
5.0 Finish.