Altra The One2 Review

Finally, someone has made something very close to what I consider the ideal running shoe!

I run exclusively on trails in Western Massachusetts. Our trails are rooty, muddy much of the time and rocky in places (but not sharp rocks, rounded slippery rocks).

The good things about the Altra One2 are:

  • No Heel Lift (aka Zero Drop (one of the dumbest terms ever invented in my opinion)). Really helps reduce rolled ankles, reduces pouding from heel striking.
  • Very Flexible (not Nike Free flexible, but pretty damn good). Bends around roots and rocks really well and maintains contact with the dirt preventing a lot of slipping you get with firm mod-soles.
  • Wide Toe Box! Yes! After trying to run in Vibram Five Fingers quite unsuccessfully, but really enjoying the feeling of having your toes spreading out like they're made to do, I really had a hard time going back to narrow running shoes.
  • Cushioned (maybe could use a little more but I'm happy enough with what they have). It's enough cushioning to protect from roots and rocks preventing the bone bruises I got in Vibram Five Fingers.
  • Decent Traction. Not bad in mud and flexy enough as I already said to not slip very much on slippery roots and rocks.